Engineering Seismology

  • Seismo-engineering database for Israel

    The following databases were compiled in a study funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the result of which were accepted for publication in Seismological Research Letters. For full details please contact Dr. Gony Biran,

    The first database, titled event database.xlsx, is a subset of the Israeli earthquake catalog, and focuses on earthquakes of engineering interest.

    The second database, station database.xlsx, which is a first effort of its kind in Israel, includes data of all operating Israeli Seismic Network Stations, and also non-operational stations of which records were used in our record database. The data available in the database is location, instrumentation when available, date of deployment, surface lithology, depth to top Judea Group, and Vs30 – the time-averaged shear wave velocity in the upper 30 meters. This database will continue to be updated while measurements continue.
    Last updated: 28.4.21

    The Third database, the flatfile.xlsx, combines the other two as well as other data. Each row in the file stands for ground motion recording from an earthquake in a specific station. The data provided in the file is data regarding the earthquake, the station, some station-source distance measures, and ground motion intensity measures – Fourier amplitude and response spectra. Description of the columns in the flatfile can be found at the text file: flatfile column details.txt.
    Last updated: 28.4.21

    Details are in:
    Yagoda-Biran, G., S. K. Maiti, N. Wetzler, R. N. Nof, Y. Pashcur, and R. Kamai (2021). A Ground-Motion Database for Israel with Its Corresponding Point-Source Parameters, for Engineering Seismology Applications, Seismol. Res. Lett. XX, 1–11, doi: 10.1785/0220200477.